“Comes and Goes” by Taquen in Ghent, Belgium

Spanish artist Taquen recently finished a wall in the neighbourhood of ‘Nieuw Gent’ in Ghent, Belgium . The mural was inspired by the neighbourhood’s local mascot, Pino The Stork. Taquen painted a tribute to families on the move. Spreading their wings in search of a better place. “Pino is a stork that returns to the Nieuw

ROA in Ghent, Belgium

Internationally praised street artist ROA just finished his new masterpiece on the façade of the GUM (Ghent University Museum). The brand-new science museum now acts as a canvas for a magnificent pile of skeletons, including that of an elephant, a rhinoceros, a grizzly bear and an okapi. In this piece of art, ROA once again

“Decay” by Aryz in Ghent, Belgium

Spanish artist Aryz recently stopped by Belgium where he was able to work on a new piece somewhere on the streets of Ghent. Entitled “Decay”, the Barcelona-based muralist created this unusual street piece which is showing several still-life elements entwined with parts from a skeleton. Take a look at an extra shot below and let us know