Henry Chram in Huaraz, Perù

Peruvian artist Henry Chram reached us with these beautiful new murals that were just created in the city of Huaraz, the capital of the Ancash Region, North Perù. During his no-stop travelling activity, the muralist has painted delicate and silent portraits of girls hidden by flowers, on the walls of private or abandoned homes. Take

Fin DAC New Mural In Minneapolis, USA

Globe-trotting artist Fin DAC is now in the US where he just wrapped up this new mural in Minneapolis, the largest city in the U.S. state of MinnesotaPainting freehand on Hennepin Ave S at Shameless Inc, the Irish artist dropped one his sexy signature girls with tattoos.Continue reading to see the piece in more details and let

Fin DAC New Mural In Portsmouth, UK

After a beautiful pair of eyes in Ibiza, Spain (covered), Fin DAC is back in the UK where he just completed this new piece in Portsmouth, a city on the south coast of England.This piece entitled “Killer Instinct” uses the simplest palette combined with a splash of blue over her eyes.Stick with Street Art News