E. LEE Brings Back Wile E Coyote In Chicago

It’s always fun to check in on Chicago based artist E. LEE to see what he’s got up his sleeve, and his latest piece is a stunner! E. has “worked with” the dastardly Wile E Coyote before (https://streetartnews.net/2017/06/e-lees-entices-us-with-free-bird-seed-in-chicago.html) but this latest wall on Chicago’s Five Star Bar takes things to another level. E. LEE tells

Deih New Mural – Ontinyent, Spain

Our friend Deih spent the last three days working on this massive piece somewhere on the streets of Ontinyent, a city in the comarca of Vall d’Albaida in the Valencian Community, Spain.Invited by the Cans and Party Street Art Festival organised by OMG Collective, the Valencia-based street artist dropped this impressive piece which is showing off his

MP5 New Street Pieces – Gaeta & Formia, Italy

Our friend MP5 recently stopped by Gaeta and Formia in Italy where she spent a few days working on these new street pieces.These pieces are part of a project entitled “Tempus Fugit” made for the event “Inattesa” which was organised by Memorie Urbane. The title of this body of work is “Tempus Fugit” which is