Artist Interview: Alex Senna

Starting from his beginnings in Sao Paulo, Alex’s monochrome vision has spread poetic scenes of everyday life on the streets of the world. His peaceful loving characters manage to arouse empathy and complicity, as if they were friends who have always been present in our neighborhood. We reached him for a chat, just returned from

E. LEE Brings Back Wile E Coyote In Chicago

It’s always fun to check in on Chicago based artist E. LEE to see what he’s got up his sleeve, and his latest piece is a stunner! E. has “worked with” the dastardly Wile E Coyote before ( but this latest wall on Chicago’s Five Star Bar takes things to another level. E. LEE tells

Deih New Mural – Ontinyent, Spain

Our friend Deih spent the last three days working on this massive piece somewhere on the streets of Ontinyent, a city in the comarca of Vall d’Albaida in the Valencian Community, Spain.Invited by the Cans and Party Street Art Festival organised by OMG Collective, the Valencia-based street artist dropped this impressive piece which is showing off his

MP5 New Street Pieces – Gaeta & Formia, Italy

Our friend MP5 recently stopped by Gaeta and Formia in Italy where she spent a few days working on these new street pieces.These pieces are part of a project entitled “Tempus Fugit” made for the event “Inattesa” which was organised by Memorie Urbane. The title of this body of work is “Tempus Fugit” which is