“Our North is the South” by INTI in Australia for WonderWalls

Chilean artist INTI just wrapped up a large mural on the streets of Port Adelaide for the latest edition of the WonderWalls Street Art Festival which was held last month. Entitled “Our North is the South”, INTI created once again a beautiful piece of work featuring one of his signature character blended in a yellow and

“PACHAKUTI” by INTI in Arica, Chile

This mural by INTI was made in the city of Arica, north of Chile. As a frontier city, is for many, the end of a narrow and homogeneous country. However, for others means a continuation or entrance to that South America rich in miscegenation and traditions. The cross-wise South America that knows no political borders

“Random” by INTI in Jishou, China

Chilean artist INTI just wrapped up a brilliant new piece in mainland China for the Back To School Street Art Project curated by Seth. Entitled “Random”, the piece was painted in a school and Jishou and features one of INTI’s signature character. Along with the images the muralist sent us the following statement for his artwork.

“La Madre Secular 3” by INTI in Lisbon

Continuing the series that he started in Marseille and Paris a few weeks ago, INTI travelled to Lisbon, Portugal for the third installment. Entitled “La Madre Secular 3”, the Chilean street artist once again created a beautiful large mural showing his representation of the Madonna icon.  The piece was organized by Underdogs10 with the support of

“La Madre Secular 2” by INTI in Paris

Our friend INTI just finished working on a large new piece entitled “La Madre Secular 2” in the 13th district of Paris in France. “La Madre Secular 2” its a lay representation of the Madonna, where the sacred remains outside the religious context, and stands as something possible without breaking the laws of nature. Through

“La Madre Secular” by INTI in Marseille, France

Our friend INTI is currently in Marseille, France where he just finished working on this beautiful new piece. Painting at the Flea Market in collaboration with Galerie Saint Laurent, the Chilean artist brought to life this beautiful piece which will surely brighten the daily life of local residents. Take a look at more images after the

“Codo a Codo” by INTI in Wynwood, Miami

We continue our ongoing coverage of Art Basel Miami 2015 with INTI and his newest piece. Painting at the iconic Wynwood Walls location, the Chilean street artist painted this beautiful piece entitled “Codo a Codo”. Translating to “Elbow to Elbow” from Spanish, it took about five days for INTI to wrap up this piece showing a young

Alexis Diaz & INTI collaboration in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Another stellar street art collaboration took place on the busy streets of Sao Paulo in Brazil with Alexis Diaz and INTI for the O.Bra Festival.The newly formed Puerto Rican-Chilean artist duo spent over a week working their magic on the side of this building to create this amazing artwork mixing and blending both artist’s distinctive