New mural from Jana & JS in Paris, France

Last time when we heard from Street Art couple Jana & JS on Streetartnews, it was their interview on our website that you can find here. This time they are back with another mural of a couple. Artist couple said that their intentions are multiples and they believe that interpretations can also be multiple, and this

Jana & JS in Rouen, France

Jana & JS just sent us some sweet new images from their latest artwork which was just finished on the streets of Rouen in France. The artwork was painted on a theater wall, so the French-Austrian duo tried to represent a character in a theatrical posture. This mural was created inside an estate called “la cité des

Jana & JS in Chicago, USA

Austria’s dynamic duo of Jana & JS are in Chicago this week as part of Vertical Gallery’s 3 Year Anniversary Show (w/STATIC & Expanded Eye). They’ve been putting up some fresh paint around the streets of Chicago and here’s an exclusive look at the pieces near Fullerton & Cicero. The duo and couple specialize in

Tiny Street Art by Jana & JS in Salzburg, Austria

Our friend Jana & JS just sent us a series of fresh images from their newest street pieces which were painted in a train station around Salzburg in Austria.This time around, the paintings are pretty small, the French-Austrian couple wanted to use some of the elements of the station to integrate their works in. Hit the

Jana & Js produce a new mural in Vienna, Austria

Jana & JS just got back from Vienna, Austria were they spent the last days painting this brand new wall for the 12th district local council. The project was supported by the Meidlinger Kulturkreis (which is the cultural organisation for this disctrict of Vienna).The French Austrian duo brought to life some of their signature imagery

Jana & Js create a new mural in Lille, France

While we last heard from them in Paris a few days ago, Jana & Js are currently in Lille, France where they just finished working on this mural.In town for the Biennale Internationale d’Art Mural” organised by the Collectif Renart, the French-Austrian duo created some of their signature imagery for the locals to enjoy.Jana & Js

Jana & JS paints a new indoor piece in Paris, France for Quai 36

Along several other urban artists, Jana & JS were also part of the “Quai 36” street art project in Paris which saw a bunch of new pieces appearing at Gare Du Nord, one of the city’s busiest train stations.Jana & JS are a street art duo currently based in Austria who specialize in detailed stencil

Artist Interview: Jana&Js

Jana&Js are an Austro-German duo, their work can be found on the streets as well as in the finest galleries around the world. Inspired by the city and its architecture they spray urban landscapes, details of architecture and portraits of photographed people with a play of reflections and transparencies. We reached them for a coffee