“Translucent Serpent” by Nychos in Linz, Austria

Nychos recently completed his largest piece to date with “Translucent Serpent” which is now proudly living the city of Linz, Austria. Painting for the Mural Harbor Street Art Project, the Austrian street artist brought to life this impressive piece of work which is featuring two vibrant green snakes. Nychos pushed this piece bigger and way more complex in

Stinkfish in Linz, Austria

Stinkfish continues his European trip with a new stop in the city of Linz in Austria. Painting for the Mural Harbor project, the Colombian artist once again worked his magic to create this impressive artwork showing the portrait of a young girl. As usual, Stinkfish sources his portraits through his own collection of photographs. Take a

Stohead New Mural – Linz, Austria

After an entire week of work, German artist Stohead finished his latest huge mural on the streets of Linz, Austria.Entitled “Beyond”, this piece is a continuation of his indoor work that he introduced recently with his recent solo show in Paris @ LeFeuvre gallery. Covering 550 m2 the large image is showing his most recognisable elements –

Aryz New Mural – Linz, Austria

Aryz recently stopped by the lovely city of Linz in Austria where for the last few days, he worked his impressive magic on this massive new piece. The Spanish superstar famed for painting figures over disused factory buildings on a truly epic scale delivers his usual character based work with this lovely couple. Take a

Nychos “Dissection Of The Little Mermaid” New Mural – Linz, Austria

While we last heard from him last month with Buff Monster for POW! WOW! (covered), Nychos is now back in Austria where he just finished working on this new piece entitled “Dissection of the little mermaid”As usual with the Austrian MURALIST, he is mainly working with anatomic elements, dissecting cartoon-like characters, animals or dinosaurs to

Stinkfish New Mural – Linz, Austria

Last seen in Bogota, Colombia (covered), Stinkfish is now back in Europe where he just wrapped up this first new piece somewhere in Linz, the third-largest city of Austria.The Colombian street artist spent a few hours working on this new piece which is featuring some of his signature portraiture combined with a series of colourful abstractions.Continue