Alberto Montes in Zaragoza, Spain

Alberto Montes recently finished another mural in Zaragoza, Spain. His new murals features nature and was created in relation to the landscape surrounding it. Alberto’s new works encourages pause, contemplation and reflection to counter the haste and lack of attention in the public space. Alberto Montes is a visual artist born in Los Corrales, Seville in 1995.  He

Invader in Malaga, Spain

Invader recently travelled to Southern Spain and the “Costa Del Sol” where he spent several days scouting to prepare the invasion of Malaga. For his 71st city invaded, the French artist unleashed twenty-nine invaders ranging from small to super large. Invader began his invasion in 1998. The Louvre, the Hollywood hill, the walls of Paris, Montpellier (with fellow

Aryz paints a large mural for Maus Malaga in Malaga

Aryz recently wrapped up his latest large mural, this time painted in the art district of Malaga for their ongoing MAUS Malaga project. Working on a 7 storey facade of the Bahia Malaga, Spanish artist created a new piece in his abstract series which he’s been working on lately. Working on the wall for about one

Shepard Fairey New ‘Mujer Fatal’ mural in Malaga

After Munich and Berlin, Shepard Fairey and the Obey Giant team are continuing their European tour. They just arrived in Malaga for the upcoing show at the CAC Malaga. And within a day they completed this massive mural featuring Shepard Fairey’s signature Mujer Fatal. It can be seen in the Soho district on Calle Thomas Heredia.Hit

“La Danse De Venus Et Du Marin” a new collaboration by Okuda and Remed in Malaga, Spain

Okuda and Remed once again joined forces to work on a new collaboration which took place on the streets of Malaga in Spain.The Spanish dream team created a beautiful artwork entitled “La Danse De Venus Et Du Marin” (The Dance of Venus and The Sailor in French). This large-mural features each artist’s distinctive style and

Sabotaje Al Montaje New Mural For Proyecto Málaga BulevART – Spain

Matías Mata better known as Sabotaje Al Montaje recently visited the lovely city of Malaga, Andalusia where he spent a few days working on this sweet new piece.Invited by the Proyecto Málaga BulevART, the artist worked on this large mural which is depicting a young boy playing flamenco with his guitar. Flamenco is a form of

Deih New Mural – Malaga, Spain

After a superb piece in his hometown of Valencia last month (covered), Deih is now in Malaga, Spain where he just wrapped up this new piece.As usual with the Spanish muralist and illustrator, he painted a beautiful and rather unique piece featuring his signature illustrative technique.Continue reading for more images and then check back with

D*Face New Mural For Maus Malaga – Spain

After Las Vegas a few days ago (covered), D*Face is back in Europe where he spent the last few days working on this massive piece in Spain.Invited by the excellent Maus Malaga Festival, the popular British Street Artist and his crew quickly painted this signature piece which reads “I’ll put an end to those flying