“The Beast”, a new street piece by WD in Valletta, Malta

The Malta Street Art Festival recently took place on the streets of Valletta where WD was invited to paint a series of new pieces.The Greek artist quickly worked his way through this nice “interactive” piece which shows an image of The Beast from the traditional fairy tale “The Beauty and The Beast”. A great Instagram

“The Mediterranean Tunnel” by MTO in Malta & Italy

MTO just sent us a series of images from a brilliant intervention he just finished working on in Sliema, Malta and Sapri, Italy.Entitled “The Mediterranean Tunnel”, the French artist brought to life some of his hyper-realistic imagery showing a man entering trough the side of a building in Malta and exiting in Italy. The first

Shaka New Mural In Sliema, Malta

While we last heard from him last month in Mulhouse, France (covered), Shaka is now in Southern Europe where he just completed this new mural somewhere in Sliema, a town located on the northeast coast of Malta.Invited by the Add More Colors Festival, the French artist quickly painted this signature piece depicting a boxer.Stick with

Steve Locatelli x Smates New Mural In Sliema, Malta

Steve Locatelli and Smates recently stopped by Malta to paint in Sliema for the Add More Colors Festival.The All-Star Belgian duo spent a few days working on this epic piece which is featuring both artist’s distinctive styles.Take a complete look at this piece just after the jump and tell us how you liking this new

David Walker New Piece In Sliema, Malta

While we last heard from him in London (covered), David Walker is now in Sliema, a town located on the northeast coast of Malta.Invited for the Sliema Street Art Festival, the British painter spent a few hours working on this local bus.No stencils, no brushes, just a man and his spray can. David Walker takes graffiti