Banksy ‘Choose Your Weapon’ Print In Store Queue Update 2

The Queue is now growing @ POW Berwick Street as you can see with over 100 persons, There is still no official statement by POW. Also Check out very blurry pics of additional Colorways, Purple Red Orange BlueUPDATE : Queue is now @ Commercial Street, way over 200 persons in line, stay comfy in your

BANKSY “Choose Your Weapon” Print In Store Queue

The Queue for the new Banksy Release has formed earlier today @ POW Berwick Street, Currently about 50 persons are in the queue, There has been no confirmation by POW’s staff if there will eventually be a release tomorrow, so lads are you willing to take a gamble ? Here is a pic of the

3D Del Naja ‘Splitting The Atom Black Glitter’ & ‘Splitting The Atom Silver Glitter’ Prints Available Today

3D Del Naja ‘Splitting The Atom Black Glitter’ & ‘Splitting The Atom Silver Glitter’ Prints will be Available Today from POW, Its an edition of 50, 59 x 84cm and priced £325.  This is a Giclee print with screenprinted glitter. Available from POW today at 3.45PM UK Time

Kelsey Brookes ‘Ya’ Print Available 7th December

Tuesday 7rd December will see the release of Kelsey Brookes’ Ya print: 10 Colour Silkscreen With 10 More Colours And Glitter Added By Hand!Dimensions: 61cm. x 61cm.Signed & Numbered Edition of 80Price: £130 Available from Berwick Street & later.Update : Available Today at 5PM UK TIME

Dran New Print Sneak Peak

Dran Lovers rejoice! If you have missed the first print release this week, this will most likely be the new print sold sometime next week by POW, no details have surfaced yet for pricing or edition size, we will keep you updated.

Dran ‘I Have Chalks’ New Print Available 2nd December

 Dran will be dropping his new print on the 2nd december at 6PM, ‘I Have Chalks’ is an edition of 100, 60.5 x 81.5cm 7 Colour screen print, individually hand finished and priced £500+vat (framed) These will only be available at POW print room in London

Barnaby ‘The Committee’ New Print Available 1st December

More Goodness from Marks&Stencils on the 1st December, Banarby will drop his new print ‘The Committee’ its an edition of 100, 56 x 76cm and priced £115 Will be available via POW the 1st december during the day (GMT)UPDATE : Will be available at 6PM GMT via POW

3D Del Naja ‘Heligoland Orange Glitter’ & ‘Heligoland Black Glitter’ Available 30th November

Pow Festivities for ‘Marks&Stencils will continue tomorrow the 30th November with the new 3D Del Naja Prints ‘Heligoland Orange Glitter’ & ‘Heligoland Black Glitter’, its an edition of 50 (each colourway), 59 x 84cm and price £325 Available via POW tomorrow during the day (GMT)