Artist Interview: Mobstr

Utilising methods designed and employed for decades by the advertising industry itself, Mobstr employs his unique brand of biting social commentary and astute witticism to walls, streets and billboards across the UK. His work tends to form a dialogue between parties, a two-way conversation between the city walls and our eyes. We reached him for

Mobstr unveils a giant mural in Vilnius, Lithuania

Mobstr is currently in Lithuania where he was invited to create some of his unique work by the good lads from the excellent Vilnius Street Art Festival.Innovative, brash, satirical and often bold, these are the words to describe the work of world renowned street artist Mobstr. From Newcastle, Mobstr sometimes tells stories through his work

Mobstr presents “The Curious Frontier Of Red” in London

While we last heard from him a few days ago with “HUH?”, Mobstr is back with a brand new intervention which took place on the streets of East London in the UK entitled “The Curious Frontier Of Red”. I cycled past this wall on the way to work for years. I noticed that graffiti painted within

“HUH?” a new street intervention by Mobstr in London, UK

Mobstr is back on the streets of London with a cheeky new intervention that just appeared on the streets of Hackney, East London.Taking advantage of a led backlit advertisement billboard, the British artist placed a hand-cut stencil showing the letters HUH?. While pretty invisible during the day, the piece truly shines at night when the

Mobstr unveils “Aggressive Advertising”, a new billboard in London, UK

Mobstr is back on the streets of London in the UK where he just unveiled a brand new piece entitled “Aggressive Advertising”.Found emblazoned across most surfaces the city provides, Mobstr pieces are often playfully mocking yet carry with them a mature voice. Transparent, blunt and potent: this is the ethos of Mobstr.This new piece reads:

Mobstr New Mural In Katowice, Poland

UK street artist Mobstr was invited to participate in Poland’s Katowice Festival and it seems like he’s handling his transition from illegal street art to commissioned mural just alright with this fresh new piece entitled “Made You Look”.With a combination of stencils and simple sentences cheeky quotes Mobstr challenges the way we view public space

Mobstr “This One” New Print Available November 3rd

Based off his recent piece in Stavanger, Norway for Nuart (featured), Mobstr will be releasing his new print next Saturday.“This One” is an edition of 35, single layer hand-cut screenprint, size is TBD. Printed on both sides, you can swap it depending on the mood you are in. Available HERE Saturday November 3rd at a random

Mobstr New Billboard Ad Disruption In London

Here’s a new brilliant billboard ad disruption from Mobstr in London and as usual he employs a combination of stencils and cheeky quips to challenge the way we view public space.This time around he gives us some advice on the needed tools to publish your own free ad.