NECK FACE × WACKO MARIA Capsule Collection
September 7, 2016
1 min read
NECK FACE is set to release a brand new and exclusive capsule collection with Tokyo’s WACKO MARIA Guilty Parties. Releasing at an exclusive party in Tokyo on September 9th, the capsule collection features a full selection of garnments ranging from T-shirts to jackets. Each item is sporting NECK FACE’s signature and provocative imagery. The collection will…
Neck Face New Prints Available Today
July 14, 2012
1 min read
Neck Face is set to release two new prints via Poster Child Prints. “Not One Fuck Will Be Givin” is a six colour screen print measuring  20″ x 16″, signed and numbered edition of 100 priced at $175. “Bad Luck, No Luck” is a five colour screen print measuring 16″ x 20″, signed and numbered…
“OUTSIDE IN: The Story of Art in the Streets” Documentary Video
February 16, 2012
1 min read
OUTSIDE IN is a celebratory and historical look at street art through the lens of the Museum of Contemporary Art‘s exhibition Art in the Streets.The film features Shepard Fairey, Swoon, Futura, Revok, Martha Cooper, Invader, Neckface, ESPO, RETNA to name a few.This video documents the artist’s creative process, their pitfalls with the law, the poetic…
NeckFace & Kidult hit Paris Video
June 27, 2011
1 min read
NeckFace & Kidult hit Paris Video NeckFace and Kidult are still in Paris preparing their next big hit and in the meantime they are just having fun around the city, enjoy! Update 29th June :Sorry, “Nasty “NeckFace” & Infamous “Kidult” hit Paris!” was deleted at 7:58:02 Wed Jun 29, 2011. We have no more information…
The Kidult x Neckface Hit Jef Aerosol New Mural In Paris
June 22, 2011
1 min read
The Kidult and Neckface been in Paris for a few days and they were onto something! It’s now done with this new hit on Jef Aerosol brand new stencil in Paris (covered). Pic by TheFunkyMan