“Radio Liberty” by Marina Capdevila in Spain

Our friend Marina Capedevila, recently spent some time in Spain where she unveiled this large rooftop piece entitled “Radio Liberty”. Painting on the streets of Pals, a small town in Northern Spain, the artist spent several days on the roof of an abandoned radio station. The station was created during the Cold War by Americans

Fin DAC & Dean Zeus Colman collaborate on a rooftop in New York City

On a rooftop somewhere in Bushwick, New York, Fin DAC and Dean Zeus Colman have been working away on a unique collaboration utilising both artists’ signature work.The pair spent 5 days in late June putting together a piece entitled ‘Parklike’ which shows one of Fin DAC’s Asian girls sunning herself in a parkland space nestled

Shok-1 paints “What Your Soul Sounds Like”, a new piece in London, UK

Spring has arrived in Europe and a new wave of murals are about to pop up all around the old continent! We kick off the festivities with Shok-1 and his newest piece which was recently completed on Jealous’ rooftop in East London, UK.The artwork entitled “What Your Soul Sounds Like” depicts a graphic equalizer sprayed

Ella & Pitr New Piece – Saint-Etienne, France

Freshly back from Montreal in Canada, Ella & Pitr are back in their hometown of Saint-Etienne in France where they just wrapped up yet another giant rooftop piece.The French Street Art duo spent a few days working on this piece which is showing a giant lady sunbathing on her red towel.See some more angles on