“S’Olivariu” by Tellas in Sardinia, Italy

Sardinian born street artist and our friend, Tellas, once again brought to life some of his signature organic and nature inspired imagery, which will surely be enjoyed by the local residents and tourists for many years to come. As usual, being a site specific mural is located in the middle of a Olive grove in Uta, Sardinia. The

Blu in Porto Torres, Italy

Italian Maestro Blu recently spent some time in Sardinia where he was invited by the C.S.O.A. Pangea Posthudorra collective. Painting on the streets of Porto Torres shows a large head breaking away as a puzzle and morphing into human forms. The pieces are falling back into place which gives a glimpse of hope with a potential unity

ROA creates a new piece in Sadali, Sardinia

Our friend ROA is currently on the beautiful island of Sardnia where he just finished working on yet another powerful piece in the town of Sadali.In town for the Murartista Street Art Festival organized by Look-Out, the Belgian artist quickly worked his way through this monochrome piece showing a boar which is attached to one

Blu New Mural – Sardinia, Italy

Our friend Blu spent the last few days working hard on this massive building somewhere on the lovely island of Sardinia in Italy.The legendary Italian street artist dropped yet another strong piece which is showing a bunch of reversed Army Men / Plastic Soldiers. Army men, or plastic soldiers, are simple toy soldiers that are about