“Otters” by Smug in Melbourne, Australia

Smug painted the otters wall before he started working on the four storey Grandparents mural in Melbourne. Story goes that the day after it was completed, a less talented person with a spray can decided to cap the whole piece creating heated arguments on social media about the ongoing battle between street art and graffiti on Melbourne’s streets

“Grandparents” by Smug in Melbourne

Glasgow-based muralist SMUG recently finished this stunning mural in the centre of Melbourne’s business district. The four storey mural on a former power station features the artist’s grandparents in his signature photo realistic style and took a bit longer to complete with the wet and wild weather conditions. If you are in the area and wish

Smug New Mural – Fitzroy, Melbourne

Smug is currently in Australia where he spent the last few days working on the streets of Fitzroy, a suburb of Melbourne.Entirely painted freehand and using spray paint alone, the Scottish artist delivers yet another striking photo-realistic portrait.Continue reading to see the latest images on this piece and then check back with us soon for

The 10 Most Popular Murals Of August 2013

1. Smug One – Limerick, Ireland Time for round two of our monthly round-up of the ten most popular murals (based on unique page views) featured on StreetArtNews. August’s top ten features solely animals and human subjects but in a broad selection of artistic styles bound to inspire and impress. Number 1 this month is

Smug New Mural In Limerick, Ireland

Scottish artist Smug just completed this new piece as part of the “Make A Move” festival in Limerick, Ireland.Entirely painted freehand and using spray paint alone, Smug delivers yet another striking photo-realistic portrait.If you stop by Limerick, you’ll be able to find the piece near King John’s Castle.Get up close and personal with the piece

Smug New Mural In Hasselt, Belgium

Yesterday afternoon, Smug spent a few hours working on this new mural in Hasselt, a Belgian city and municipality, and capital of the Flemish province of Limburg.Collaborating with Dater, Chas and Panik on a large mural for the Street Art Festival, the Glasgow-based painter delivers one of his signature photo realistic portrait.If you want to

Smug New Mural In Hasselt, Belgium

While we last heard from him in Eindhoven, Netherlands with Fecks (covered), Smug and his striking photorealistic portraits have now landed in Belgium.In town for the Street Art Festival Belgium event, the artist just completed this sweet new mural on the streets of Hasselt.If you are in the area, this new piece can be seen

Smug x Fecks New Mural In Eindhoven, Netherlands

Glasgow-based muralist Smug and Fecks collaborated on a new mural for “Step In The Arena“, a graffiti festival that will be taking place this week-end in Eindhoven.Entirely painted freehand and using aerosol cans alone, Smug delivers yet another striking photo-realistic portrait.Check back with us soon for new walls by Kofie or Nychos for “Step In