“MOON” SpY’s new installation in Madrid

This 9-meter-long moon, created by the SpY, modified the light and perspective of mADRID, during the night of the 20th of July from 10 pm until the early hours of the 21st. On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin put their feet on the Moon while Michael Collin piloted the orbiter of Apollo

The Crystal Ship: “Crazy Keyboard” by SpY in Ostend, Belgium

Spanish artist SpY just wrapped up a large new mural on the streets of Ostend in Belgium for the second edition of The Crystal Ship street art festival. His first street pieces appeared in the middle eighties. Shortly after, already renowned locally as a graffiti artist, he started to work with other forms of artistic communication

Norway’s NuArt Festival Outdoor exhibition recap 2016

The 16th edition of the Nuart festival in Stavanger officially kicked off last Saturday, September 10, with the opening of an amazing Post-Street Art group show at the legendary art venue Tou Scene (covered). This year’s festival counted with the participation of internationally renowned artists like Add Fuel (PT), Axel Void (US), Evol (DE), Fintan Magee (AU),

Welcome to NUART’s “Post Street Art” Exhibition

Last Saturday we had the opportunity to assist to the inaugural exhibition of one of the most highly anticipated events this year, the renowned NuArt Festival in Stavanger, Norway. Titled “Post-Street Art” the exhibition features unique artworks specifically created for the event inside the gallery. The idea of a “Post-Street Art” movement has been adopted to describe artworks, artists and events

“Soñar”, a gigantic mural by SpY in Bilbao, Spain

Jumping from one practice to another, SpY is back in Bilbao, Spain with a brand new piece entitled “Soñar” (translates to Dream from Spanish).While you discovered a brilliant installation entitled “Barriers” a few days ago, SpY decided to tackle this monster building with some simple typography for the locals to enjoy. Dream will hopefully be

“Barriers” a new street installation by SpY in Santiago, Chile

After a brilliant piece entitled “Crisis”, SpY is back with a brand new street installation entitled “Barriers”. The Spanish artist was invited in Santiago, Chile to create this piece of art which consists of a circle shaped formation made with pedestrian safety barriers. The installation was executed in a deprived neighbourhood of the city of

“Crisis”, a new installation by SpY in Bilbao, Spain

SpY is back on the streets of Spain with a brilliant new installation that was created on the streets of Bilbao.Entitled “Crisis”, the Spanish artist created the word Crisis composed by 1000 euros in 2cents coins. Powerful and striking, the conceptual installation only lasted 24 hours as all the coins were slowly removed by the

SpY creates “EGO”, a brand new mural in Santander, Spain

While we last heard from him in Paris a few weeks ago, SpY is back in Spain where he just finished working on this new mural somewhere on the streets of Santander.As usual with the Spaniard, he worked his typographic magic on this large facade where he wrote the word “EGO” with just black paint.SpY