Stormie Mills – “Life Traps and Other Things”
February 2, 2018
3 min read
‘Life Traps and Other Things’ is the latest show by internationally renowned Australian artist, Stormie Mills that sees the artist explore the depths of his practice, in a process of self-actualisation, acknowledgement and letting go expressed through painting. A ‘life trap’ is a pattern that starts in childhood and reverberates throughout life. It is first…
“The Thank You” by Stormie Mills in Lodz, Poland
September 12, 2016
1 min read
Stormie Mills was invited to paint this mural by Urban Forms as part of the City of Lodz festival “Energy of the City” in Poland. The name of the work is dziękuję” (the thank you) and Stormie created the piece on Mlynarska Street in Baluty. A site of that represents a painful history. During WW2 Baluty was…
Stormie Mills New Mural For Public Festival – Perth, Australia
April 17, 2014
1 min read
Stormie Mills was also part of the Public Forms Street Art Festival in Perth, Australia where he was invited to paint a big wall.Stormie Mills started painting in 1984 and has since then been exploring the human condition through his work taking his iconic characters off the walls in the streets and onto canvas in…
Stormie Mills New Street Pieces In Richmond, USA
August 1, 2013
1 min read
Here are some gems from the Australian based artist Stormie Mills. Currenly in Richmond, USA for the ongoing Richmond Mural Project, Stormie Mills painted six of signature characters around town.To get you started on the hunt, you’ll be able to find one piece on 2103 West Main St, Richmond.Get with us just after the jump for…
Remi/Rough x Stormie Mills New Mural In Newcastle
May 31, 2011
1 min read
Remi/Rough and Stormie Mills just finished this new huge mural at Hoults Yard in Newcastle for the White Walls project. Another stunning collab by the two painters who just opened their new show “Selected Moments” at the Unit 44 Gallery.  Pics by Unit 44
Remi/Rough & Stomie Mills – Selected Moments – Unit 44, Newcastle
May 27, 2011
1 min read
Remi/Rough & Stormie Mills open their “Selected Moments” exhibition to the public today after a successful private view last night. Consisting of 10 large original canvases, this extraordinary body of work is accompanied by a huge outdoor mural, a fine addition to the White Walls Project. This really is a unique visual opportunity so take…
Remi/Rough & Stormie Mills ‘Selected Moments’ New Show @ Unit44, Newcastle 26th May
May 15, 2011
2 min read
For months we have been anticipating ‘Selected Moments’ the new Exhibition by Remi/Rough & Stormie Mills.  These two have been traveling all over the world together for over ten years  and ‘Selected Moments’ will reflect this period with ten new original pieces. They will also collaborate on a huge mural in addition to the White…

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