Thiago Toes paints a large mural in Minsk, Belarus

Thiago Toes was another artist that recently participated in Vulica Brasil festival in Minsk, Belarus. During his stay he painted this large mural titled “To risk is the End and the Beginning of Everything”.Working on a large facade of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus Brazilian artist created a signature piece that features

Thiago Toes x William Mophos x Guilherme Augusto Gafi New Mural – Sao Paulo

We just received these fresh images and video of this new mural done in São Bernardo do Campo – São Paulo. Painted by Thiago Toes, William Mophos and Guilherme Augusto – Gafi, this large piece is an explosion of their diverse styles. Toes abstract, futuristic and geo parts, along his signature characters with covered faces, Mophos photo