Case Ma’Claim in Turin, Italy

Recently Case Ma’Claim has spend some time in Italy where for the first time he has done a “Solo Show” at the Square23 Gallery. While there, he has decorated the streets of Turin with a fresh new mural, once again featuring his skill to paint photo surrealism. Take a look at more images below on how this mural

Luca Ledda creates two murals in the city of Vitoria (Espirito Santo), Brazil

Turin based artist Luca Ledda has just sent in us some pictures of his two walls he did for the project called “Latinta Mural”, it’s an art residency developed inside the favelas of ” Serra Dourada” and “Inhanguetà” in the city of Vitoria (Espirito Santo), Brazil. Artist said that the goal of the project is to involve

“DUEL” by Etnik in Turin, Italy

Italian based artist Etnik has just finished his latest wall by the name “DUEL” in Turin, Italy with a collaboration with Square23 Gallery. Painted during the Easter week and finished Tuesday morning, it took the artist 5 days to complete. Etnik used his signature imagery to represent the contrast between urban landscape and nature with floating geometric forms

Ludo’s Underground Installation in Turin

Right after his recent big showing in Shanghai, Ludo went back to Turin in Italy to document two installations he worked on back in July 2017. Located in the tunnels 1km under the ground level this was the first time the works have been revealed to the public. The pieces are located in a controversial

Coverage: “One Night Show” @ Turin’s Sericraft

Our friends at Sericraft recently celebrated their 13th birthday with an exhibition of street art which was held in the city of Turin in Italy. Located at the Docks Dora, the exhibition took place in an underground abandoned basement which was filled with thirty silkscreen prints from a selection of internationally renowned artists of street art. The works featured names such

Tellas for Street Alps in Turin, Italy

We recently invited Tellas to Turin, Italy where he worked with us at Sericraft to create a brand new screen-print edition. The Italian artist also linked up with our good friends at Street Alps to paint a new mural with his unique and beautiful imagery. Tellas creates murals characterized by an amalgamation of space and shapes

Truly Design “Truth depends on where you see it from” @ Museo Ettore Fico

Our friends of Truly Design just opened an interesting exhibition entitled “Truth depends on where you see it from” at the Museo Ettore Fico in Turin, Italy. The work of Truly Design inflects in a contemporary perspective the optical phenomenon of anamorphosis, investigated by such artists as Leonardo da Vinci and Hans Holbein since the XV

Zedz brings a new mural to the streets of Turin, Italy

Zedz recently spent some time in Turin, Italy for the opening of the “Tokyo to Torino” exhibition at Square23 Gallery.Zedz is one of the most talented artists out right now pushing graffiti into new mediums, as well as dimensions. Living and working in Milan, Italy, he started doing graffiti at the age of fourteen. After