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“The dark side of the moon” by Truly in Turin, Italy

February 5, 2021
2 min read

Collective artists, Truly just recently worked on another anamorphic creation. Entitled “The dark side of the moon”, the mural’s painted in an historic downtown building decorated with exquisite Neo-Gothic friezes and early 20th century stained glass windows.

Starting from one of the great milestones of contemporary music and graphic design, we inverted the composition originally created by the renown Hipgnosis duo. Against a white – instead of black – background, we stare at the dark side of the moon, which offers many more hues than we could fathom. Through this colored lens, the triangular prism is magnified, becoming the dynamic element instead of the light spectrum.

This is Truly’s first fully-blended anamorphic piece, with just a couple of lines of solid color, and was solely possible thanks to the use of good ol’ spraypaint. For indoor works, such as in this case, they used non-toxic water-based paints.

Truly’s anamorphic artwork slowly takes shape from the first encounter between its founders, all graffiti artists active since the late 90’s.  The collective now focuses fully on figurative and abstract anamorphic art, a technique known since the early Renaissance. Using perspective, this practice generates surreal 3D images which merge with the surrounding environment. Motivated by a taste for architecture and urban art, Truly enjoy working on the street as much as they do in museums.

Scroll down below to see more of “The dark side of the moon”.

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