“The Greenest Point Murals” by Faile, Askew1, & Vexta in Brooklyn, NYC

Through the integration of street art with technology, film, sound and public voices, The Greenest Point is a community oriented creative project with the aim of achieving greater awareness and understanding of local and global sustainability challenges; whilst also inspiring action by providing examples of solutions for a low carbon, healthy and fruitful society. With

Eastland Urban Art Project in Melbourne

Over a six month period in Ringwood on the outskirts of Melbourne, nine female street artists were chosen from across Australia and abroad to paint nine large works of art at the newly renovated Eastland development.   These were the street artists involved: 23rd Key who painted the largest stencil artwork ever painted in Australia, Baby Guerilla who

Bushwick Collective: Year In Review (Part I)

Adam Fu When you are renting an apartment in New York City you can end up anywhere. A few years back, I was looking for a new place, somehow I ended up at the Jefferson Stop in Bushwick, Brooklyn. For those who know me, know that I always have a camera on me. I am