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“The Greenest Point Murals” by Faile, Askew1, & Vexta in Brooklyn, NYC

October 18, 2016
4 min read
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Through the integration of street art with technology, film, sound and public voices, The Greenest Point is a community oriented creative project with the aim of achieving greater awareness and understanding of local and global sustainability challenges; whilst also inspiring action by providing examples of solutions for a low carbon, healthy and fruitful society. With a small and dedicated team, three internationally acclaimed artists, local government officials, small businesses, local not for profits, the parks department, and forward thinking private property owners, the collective achieved two beautiful, highly visible and meaningful murals, plus an illuminated iconic water tower powered by solar energy. Situated in Greenpoint & Williamsburg – two north Brooklyn neighborhoods with historical and present day environmental and public issues – The Greenest Point was aligned with Climate Week NYC 2016 to show that Brooklyn cares about its future.

dscf9279_fotorFaile ‘Love me, Love me not’

Location: Greenpoint, Transmitter Park


“We try to create images that let the viewer experience a visceral emotion and give room to project into the work. The idea was the timeless theme of “love me… love me not”—aiming to depict a moment that asks the question of what kind of relationship we have with nature. Are we here to love it and take care of it or not? The frog represents nature, cleansing, rebirth and metamorphosis. We used part of a traditional polish pattern in the socks as a nod to the Polish community in Greenpoint. The orientation of the image facing the city suggests a place for thoughtful me

ditation within our modern age.” Faile


Askew1 x Vexta ‘The Thread that binds us’

Location: Berry St McCarren Park


“For my contribution to the Greenestpoint mural I wanted to paint portraits of local people doing interesting things around sustainability within the Green Point area. I think it’s great to paint local faces, people with a genuine connection to the neighborhood and acknowledge their good work. Accompanying these paintings are additional short video pieces that can be accessed via a QR code that have each of the subjects speaking about what they do in their own words” Askew


“I wanted to draw attention to fact that we are not the only ones effected by climate change. I painted the Common Loon, Bohemian Waxwing and Purple Finch all of which are native to the NY state area. Each of these birds is climate threatened or endangered according to the Audubon report. Birds can tell us a lot about our changing atmosphere as it strongly effects their migrational range and breeding habits. As a symbol of freedom and wildness I hope that they remind us to care for this world not only for ourselves but for other creatures around us. Each bird will have a linking QR code which will provide a sound sample of their call and a statement about them in relation to Climate Change. The icebergs they fly above are constructed of geometric melting shapes which are representation of the sub atomic particles that make up all matter. Further connecting us to our changing world.” Vexta

dscf8955_fotordscf8941_fotordscf0657_fotordscf8983_fotorAll Photo’s Copyright 2016 Matthew A. Eller.  Follow me on Instagram @ellerlawfirm.

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