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Will he come, will he not? That’s been the question for two weeks now but reports from Steve Pond indicates that the Academy president, Tom Sherak, and executive director, Bruce David, ”huddled at a table” with Jaimie D’Cruz, producer of Exit Through The Gift Shop.

They discussed about the different possible situations of Banksy winning and him having to appear on stage wearing a mask, However the Academy felt that “If Banksy isn’t comfortable showing his face on the Kodak stage,Sherak said, then the Academy isn’t comfortable having him on that stage,”
They agreed that if the movie wins, Jaimie D’Cruz will accept the award without any “shenanigans” 

Banksy will receive his naked gold buddy as it has been confirmed that all the official paperwork required by the Academy has been received. “We have a signed form,” Tom Sherak told Steve Pond.

One interesting fact however is if Banksy does win the Oscar that evening, once it’s been announced officially on TV in front of millions viewers,from that point on nothing will stop Banksy from doing whatever he wants and pop-up masked on the Kodak stage with his usual style.

Wait and see!

Rom Levy

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