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Studio Visit: Chanoir

March 28, 2011
1 min read
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Today, San paid a visit to Chanoir in his Paris’ Studio. Chanoir has been making graf-ically inspired art featuring his famous cats for years. Chanoir was in Barcelona during the city’s graff golden era back in 2000 where he founded the “1980” Crew and started graffing with PEZ or Miss Van amongst others. The Studio itself where we got a glimpse of his inpiration is filled with toys, cartoons, mangas from the 80’s and is shared with three other creative minds, each one of them having his own very unique space. Chanoir showed us some of his latest canvas with his signature cats and also his love for a completely different medium: Sculptures.
Alberto Vejarano is the name he uses for his other work using childhood imagery, plushes especially to create pieces like the “Childhood Cross” pictured below…
See more photos of our studio visit after the jump.

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