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Studio Visit: Joseph Loughborough

June 16, 2011
1 min read
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Today in Paris, SAN paid a visit to British Artist Joseph Loughborough in his new studio to bring you a few snaps of a master at work.
The Studio itself where we got a glimpse of his inspiration is filled with charcoals, pictures, cans, loads of paint and is shared with a few other creative minds, each one of them having his own very unique space.
Honesty, expressionism and possibly exorcism can be read from his impulsive and intuitive rapid-fire mark making using charcoals, his human bodies comes slowly alive over his precise movements and it’s truly an impressive moment to witness.
Joseph Loughborough is preparing for his first solo show in early 2012 and from what we seen today, this is gonna be an impressive new body of work!
Don’t forget to check out his new beautiful print “The Enemy” released today and available HERE
The Enemy Print
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