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Lek & Sowat – Mode2 – Futura 2000 “Underground Doesn’t Exist Anymore” @ Paris’ Palais de Tokyo

Rom Levy Rom Levy
Rom Levy Rom Levy
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June 30, 2014
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Lek, Sowat, Mode2 and the legend Futura 2000 recently teamed up in Paris to work on a series of new pieces at the Palais de Tokyo.

Lek, Sowat, Mode2 and the legend Futura 2000 recently teamed up in Paris, France to work on a series of new pieces inside the Palais de Tokyo.
Organised by Hugo Vitriani, the all-star team went deep under the Palais de Tokyo to work on these beautiful pieces.

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To mark the ending of their two years residency at the Palais de Tokyo, Lek & Sowat invited Graffiti’s living legends Mode2 and Futura2000 to work with them inside one of the institution’s most unusual spaces.
 Deep under the ground, inside a crypt inaccessible to the public, a catchphrase (Underground doesn’t Exist Anymore), executed with chalk, pastel and water by Mode2 is framed by Lek & Sowat’s graphic lacerations and Futura’s 2000 aerosol signature moves. A close encounter between the past (Lascaux caves, Egyptian Temples, Graffiti’s Old School) and the present (Subway Hatches, Industrial wastelands), where the four artists’ paintings resonate through the architecture, the secret, the sound and fury of the storm escaping from this ventilation shaft, giving a new breath to the Palais de Tokyo. –Hugo Vitriani

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Photography courtesy of Nicolas Gzeley and Aurélien Mole

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