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Coverage: ‘UtsirArt’ – Utsira, Norway

August 14, 2014
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It took one week of intensive work for artists from the UK, Spain and Norway to transform the municipality of Utsira, creating a surprising contrast between urban street art and the untouched landscape.One British street artist came up with the idea for the event, together with Norwegian photographer Tor.
The people of Utsira kindly offered the artists, who were inspired by the island’s history, their house walls, barn doors, siloes, and rocks in their fields, to use.
The two wind turbines were painted by Stik, creating a 26 meter high character inspired by the Norse myth ‘Frigg and Frøya’. ATM  painted his endangered Golden Plover bird on a large rock where real exotic birds live. PichiAvopaid tribute to Utsira’s first female Mayor, with a stunning 6 meter high portrait of her on a water-tank overlooking the sea. JPS used his trademark stencilled characters to convey surprising messages in the most unexpected of places. 3fountains  left a big red heart on the Mayor’s wall. LASTAA, the only Norwegian artist participating in the event, hastransformed huge siloes into boxes of lobster soup inspired by Andy Warhol’s iconic work, as well as creating other street pieces.
Continue reading and for more pictures from Tor.  

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