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“Cracked” by Martin Whatson in Oslo, Norway

September 16, 2021
1 min read
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International street artist Martin Whatson is back with a new stunning mural in Norway. The project is a collaboration between the artist and Somwhere Studio. Entitled “Cracked” the mural is located at Schous Bryggeri, Grünerløkka in Oslo.

Whatson is best known for his calligraphic scribbles in grayscale voids. Over the past decade, Martin has developed an unmistakable aesthetic combining abstract movement with figurative stencilled compositions.

With as many works on walls as on canvas and paper, the relationship between vulnerability and strength remains constant in each work. Delicate and organic characters feature; butterflies, ballerinas and animals all rendered in empty grayscale space. Almost stylised, these minimal figures are constructed of a few layers of hand-cut stencils.

The ashen tones of the compositions and vacant backgrounds are reminiscent of his alternative canvases, the concrete. True to form, no gray space stays gray for long in Martins presence. whether immersing entirely or embellishing a detail, the images disappear beneath expressive, spray-painted strokes of assorted colours and textures.

Take a look below for more photos of “Cracked”.

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