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POW! WOW! paints Hawaiian Airlines ground service vehicles in Honolulu

Rom Levy Rom Levy
Rom Levy Rom Levy
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September 27, 2014
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Our friends are POW! WOW! are always looking for new and exciting ways to showcase artists and their art and this time they partnered with Hawaiian Airlines to paint their ground service vehicles including service trucks, push-backs, plane tugs, baggage belt loaders, and baggage carts. 
The project aims to highlight how Hawaiian Airlines bridges cultures and people, giving Hawaiian Airlines employees and passengers alike a visual representation of the hub of culture that is modern Hawaii and how Hawaiian Airlines helps to facilitate these cultural exchanges.
Kamea Hadar and Jasper Wong, who co-direct PowWow!, worked with a team of artists including owner/creative director of Fitted Hawaii Keola Rapozo, Jared Johnston, Christina Delima, Defer, and Jeff Gress to cover the vehicles.
Defer and Kamea Hadar collaborated on a portrait of Bailey Rapozo (Keola’s wife) on the side of a large hydraulic service truck.
Reconvene after the jump for a closer look at this project and if you land in Honolulu sometime soon, make sure to look through your airplane window to spot these Hawaiian beauties.

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POW! WOW! paints Hawaiian Airlines ground service vehicles in Honolulu

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