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INTI paints “Balance”, a massive mural in Delhi, India

April 15, 2015
1 min read
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INTI is currently in India where he just finished working on yet another massive artworks on the streets of Delhi.
This mural, titled ‘balance’, located in the chaotic neighbourhood of khirki extension is a part of the work done in association with St+Art India for St+Art Delhi 2015. This image is a hypothetical mixture of two distant lands. Even if there isn’t any direct relationship between them, they both have an essence and a cultural history which is colorful, festive and religious, where the power of belief and love goes beyond rationality.
St+art is a street art festival organized by the St+Art India foundation which brings together artists from all across the country and the world to take part in creating murals, installations, holding workshops and walks/tours on the streets.
Continue reading for more detailed images and check back with us shortly for the latest updates from India.

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