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Ride by SS 108 in Chennai, India

March 17, 2020
1 min read
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Chennai-based artist Karthick, better known by his artistic name SS 108, recently got to work on a new mural entitled  ‘சவாரி’ or Cavāri/Ride. His piece is a satirical take on the phenomenon of Artificial Intelligence, which seems to be gaining entry in all quarters of human life, and the notion of ‘autopilot’.

SS 108 is an Indian artist whose visual expression plays with a variety of textures. Since 2012, the artist has worked on developing a style of art with circles and dot work, often creating compositions that are surreal or abstract. . The artist also runs an art and design collective – ‘108 Collective’, which specializes in interior design, art direction, and installations.

In a clever flipping of the phrase ‘running around like a headless chicken’, SS has placed a chicken on the top of a human head – seen riding with reigns and in charge of the situation. Eggs with wings can also be seen flying on the sides.

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