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Diogo Machado aka Add Fuel recently took part in this year’s edition of Perth’s Public2016 festival. First time in Australia, working with great lienup of international artists, Lisbon-based artist created a large mural filled with his signature Portuguese tiling visuals.

Incorporating the architectural elements into his work, Add Fuel layered couple of different patterns of custom made tile stencils, created exclusively for this event. His mosaic like structure allowed him to work with this round surface, creating a pretty unique effect of the wall peeling off and revealing its past. With simple tear and shade effect, the layers form an illusion of depth, giving the whole piece an artificial timeline and background.

Check out some detail shots by Luke Shirlaw after the jump and check back soon for more updates from Western Australia and around the globe.

Add_Fuel_UPWARDS_DESCENT_PUBLIC2016_Australia_02 Add_Fuel_UPWARDS_DESCENT_PUBLIC2016_Australia_03 Add_Fuel_UPWARDS_DESCENT_PUBLIC2016_Australia_04 Add_Fuel_UPWARDS_DESCENT_PUBLIC2016_Australia_05
Sasha Bogojev

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Growing up skateboarding I always enjoyed board graphics, Toy Machine adds and art section in Thrasher magazine. Around that time I started flirting with graffiti which eventually lead to appreciating street and urban art. Few years later I ended up with an Internet based job. Too much online time on my hands resulted in getting involved in art related forums, and finally writing for various art websites.