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Yusk Imai – Organic Future

Roly Roly
Roly Roly
Roland Henry is an international writer, curator and contemporary urban art specialist. Previously the Managing Editor of the independent arts magazine, Very Nearly Almost (VNA), he has developed close, personal relationships with artists, gallerists, and creatives worldwide and currently provides content for The Guardian US as well as numerous other publications.Roland is now based in Melbourne, Australia, where he heads up art agency, Studio Supply, in partnership with the former creative director of VNA, Greg Beer. The agency supplies curatorial and PR consultation services to a worldwide network of brands, artists, and creative professionals.
June 13, 2020
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ORGANIC FUTURE by Brazilian artist YUSK IMAI is open now at Backwoods Gallery, Australia.
The show is the Imai’s 5th solo exhibition at the space over a period of 10 years.

Yusk Imai – Organic Future

Directed and filmed by Byron Kehoe, this edit was recorded over Zoom through some late night/ early morning interviews with Yusk, who was stuck in Brazil for the exhibition.

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“Organic future is the conclusion of some reflections about our future and how we
interact with technology today, consequently affecting the ways we interact with
each other. Of all the questions I’ve stumbled upon, one thing is for sure: nothing
can replace physical presence.

Death has always had a strong presence in my work, I grew up in Brazil so my first
perceptions regarding death were based on western culture. As I grew closer to
my family in Japan, I began to learn about their vision of death, which completely
freed my mind. Culturally it is not a taboo. Death is not a bad thing to talk about,
sadness is part of the process and it can also be beautiful. Death being part of
their own existence in such a natural way made a lot more sense to me.

Now, there is a new presence emerging. A shadow cast by the realms of Quantum
computing, artificial intelligence, and digital consciousness. We’re watching the
creation of an entirely new form of existence and it could be good or it could be
bad, either way I believe it will share the stage of reality alongside Death.”
YUSK IMAI – excerpt from artist interview, May 2020
To discover more about Imai’s process, influences for this collection and all the details about the artworks, view the exhibition catalogue.
For more information, email: [email protected]

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