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Hendrik Beikirch New Mural in Brunssum, The Netherlands

May 3, 2016
1 min read
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German artist Hendrik Beikirch aka ECB is continuing travelling around the world and creating gigantic portraits of people he meets on his travels. After ‘Tracing Morroco’ series hes been working on the last couple of months, he started working on a new ‘Siberia project’.

He recently spent some time in Brunssum in The Netherlands where he painted this 14 story high portrait of a foreign worker, Vladislav. The piece stands for all the foreign workers in the past, present and future, people that travel far to make sure their families eat. The mural was realized with help from HeerlenMurals fundation, and was their present to Parkstad Limburg region for winning the 2016 Tourism for Tomorrow Award.

Check out more photos of the finished work and work in progress by Roger Pierweijer after the jump and check back soon for more incredible public art and murals.

HendrikBeikirch_2016_Brunssum.TheNetherlands_2 HendrikBeikirch_2016_Brunssum.TheNetherlands_PhotoRogerPierweijer_1 HendrikBeikirch_2016_Brunssum.TheNetherlands_PhotoRogerPierweijer_2 HendrikBeikirch_2016_Brunssum.TheNetherlands_PhotoRogerPierweijer_3

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