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Two new works from E. Lee in Amsterdam

Jreich Jreich
Jreich Jreich
My introduction to art & street art was mostly through album artwork. I was drawn to Futura 2000 (via UNKLE), Steve "Espo" Powers (Tommy Guerro), Paul Insect (DJ Shadow), and Bansky (Blur) before I even knew what street art was. Spray paint is banned in my home town of Chicago, so the internet became my portal to the world as I leaned about amazing artists creating on walls all around the globe. My day job is in music, but I continue to have a strong passion and respect for artists of all mediums.
June 14, 2016
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Chicago based American artist E. Lee is on the move in Europe, this time putting up new works in the Guezenveld and Slotermeer neighborhoods of Amsterdam.

“Remorse” (top) and “Ode to Tulips” (bottom) were completed this week in conjunction with the Street Art Museum Amsterdam.

“Remorse” features Superman in a moment of deep thought. It looks to continue E. Lee’s Superheroes series showing our childhood heroes in their more vulnerable, almost human moments.

“Ode To Tulips” is just that, with a tribute to The Netherland’s popular flower bursting out of a gilded frame.

Keep checking Street Art News to find where E. Lee hits next and murals from all over the world!




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