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“Boniswa” by Breeze Yoko in Cape Town

August 25, 2016
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2016-08-22 15.30.18

Breeze Yoko is a Cape Town-based multidisciplinary artist specialising in video/film and graffiti. He recently painted over 13 countries traveling mostly overland from Lagos to Amsterdam.

Painting in Cape Town, Breeze Yoko created this awesome piece of work. “Boniswa” is her name and she lives in Khayelitsha. She is north facing, always looking into the sun and looking towards Table Mountain. This piece is dedicated to the black girl child who (in his view) holds the key and is gifted with the vision of the future.

Breeze’s whimsical yet powerful murals unfurl a kind of humanity and beauty that re-imagine their environments. Yoko uses a visual vocabulary that addresses many different social and political issues. The work incorporates time as well as space in a fictional and experiential universe. His work is also concerned with pan-Africanism, and the reclaiming and forging of old and new “schemes, forms and strategies” in the realms of culture and politics.

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