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ROA’s Pangolin in Cape Town

May 27, 2018
2 min read
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ROA recently stopped by the lovely city of Cape Town in South Africa where he got to create another of his lovely monochrome creatures.

The Belgian artist brought to life a giant Pangolin, also known as scaly anteaters, are reclusive and nocturnal animals that roll up into a ball when threatened.

Pangolin is an animal also known as the scaly anteater. It lives in parts of Asia and parts of Africa. These are different kinds of pangolins, they are all very endangered by animal trafficking, mostly going to China, where they eat them and use them as placebo medicine.
I painted a Pangolin because it is one of the animals that is the most endangered, but at the same time most unknown, some people don’t even know that it exists. It is very special mammal because it is the only animal that has scales, like an exoskeleton, like an armadillo, but it is a totally different kind of species. It actually exists from the time living together with dinosaurs, and it is still here. I painted it for people to recognize what a pangolin is and to connect with it and maybe join the fight of protecting this little creature. So it is almost like a monument for a specie that is almost gone, before it’s gone.
I painted it in black and white, latex and spray can paint. I painted it in four days. It was pretty cool to paint there and pretty challenging because of the winds and the sun, but overall it was a really incredible phenomena to see the mountains and the clouds over it, to connect with the local people of Salt River CT and to paint such a nice wall. –ROA

Take a look at more images by Rom Levy below and then make sure to drop by our Instagram for more content.

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