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“Master Battlecat” by Nychos in Providence, USA

August 4, 2016
1 min read
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master_battlecat_web copy

Nychos recently spent some time on the streets of Providence where he unveiled his largest mural to date.

Entitled “Master BattleCat”, this piece was curated by by INOPERAbLE  for The Avenue Concept. As usual with the Austrian artist, he created another beautifully dissected piece of work!

“During the 5 days painting this in a low income housing project, headlines everywhere talked about division, violence, and racism, however we experienced the exact opposite. The community around us was welcoming, excited, positive, and enamored with the murals. What started as a project to raise awareness for endangered species became more about the unification of people through art and the sustainability of mankind.” -Nicholas Platzer

Take a look at more images below and keep checking back with us for more updates throughout the week!

1Nychos_Battlecat_pic_JackieRodriguez 2Nychos_Battlecat_pic_inoperable 3Nychos_Battlecat_pic_Inoperable 7Nychos_Battlecat_pic_inoperable 5Nychos_Battlecat_pic_inoperable 4Nychos_Battlecat_pic_inoperable

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