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15 Striking Animal Street Art Murals

May 15, 2020
1 min read

The animal kingdom have been a source of inspiration for many artists. Through reintroducing nature with the urban landscape, we get to rediscover our environment. From raising awareness about animal rights to just simply appreciating the beauty of the creatures, there are a lot of themes found in animal-inspired street art.

Whether it is a whimsical picture of fawns frolicking the streets or a roaring herd of wildlife species, the following murals will surely capture your eyes. These artists surely breathed life into the monotonous walls of the the urban jungle. Check these murals we’ve picked below and enjoy the variety of techniques, styles and imagery infused in them.

Nychos in Linz, Austria (2016)

Phlegm in Albany, USA (2013)

Bordalo II in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal (2017)

Hua Tunan in Dubai, UAE (2016)

Alexis Diaz in Wynwood, Miami (2014)

Ludo in Paris, France (2018)

ROA in Oostende, Belgium (2016)

Never Crew in Rochester, USA (2015)

Farid Rueda in Aruba (2016)

Tasso in Odense, Denmark (2015)

Nychos in Vienna, Austria (2015)

DZIA in Antwerp, Belgium (2016)

Li Hill in Rochester, USA (2015)

DALeast in Lodz, Poland (2014)

Braga Last1 in Southern France (2014)

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