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Stinkfish & Empty Boy collaborate in Bogota

September 29, 2016
1 min read
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Stinkfish is back in his hometown of Bogota, Colombia where he linked up with his friend Empty boy to work on a new mural.

The newly formed duo created this large new piece mixing Stinkfish’s red abstract patterns with Empty Boy’s detailed stencils. The end result pops-up and will surely be enjoyed by the local residents on a daily basis.

Take a look below for more images and then make sure to check back with us soon for the latest street art updates from around the world

001_emptyboy_stinkfish_bogota_colombia_2016 007_emptyboy_stinkfish_bogota_colombia_2016 009_emptyboy_stinkfish_bogota_colombia_2016 006_emptyboy_stinkfish_bogota_colombia_2016 008_emptyboy_stinkfish_bogota_colombia_2016 004_emptyboy_stinkfish_bogota_colombia_2016 003_emptyboy_stinkfish_bogota_colombia_2016 005_emptyboy_stinkfish_bogota_colombia_2016

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