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Case Ma’Claim for Dubai Street Museum in UAE

December 9, 2016
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Case Ma’Claim also flew in to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates for the first phase of the Dubai Street Museum curated by Rom Levy and Sanaz Askari.

The German artist created two superb new pieces of work that are juxtaposing the curated theme of “The Past”.
Each piece was created after staging a photo-shoot using local elements and people.

The first piece show the traditional art of Arabic coffee making with the hands of an old lady pouring coffee using a Dallah ( traditional coffee pot).
The second piece was created using the hands of a local fisherman and it shows the traditional art of fish-netting.

Take a look below to discover more images and then make sure to drop your two cents down in our comments section.

Case Ma’Claim for Dubai Street Museum in UAE

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