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“Unity” Group Exhibition at Volery Gallery in Dubai, UAE

June 7, 2022
1 min read
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In collaboration with Thinkspace, California, Volery Gallery presents UNITY, 9 June–2 July 2022. The exhibition will showcase the works of 29 established contemporary artists.

 UNITY reexamines the times we are living through, from which the need to come together as one has emerged. The world has shown us the way to survival by uniting and working together to heal. To beware of individualism no longer serves as the answer to the issue at stake.

The 29 artists are joining together to influence change and shed light on threats the Earth is facing. In a commitment to raising awareness concerning climate change, shortages in water and food supply chains, as well as alarming ocean life hazards. These prominent issues, if left unchecked, will ultimately affect all life on Earth catastrophically.

The exhibition will run from June 9, 2021 to July 2, 2021. Schedule your visit here.

Scroll down below to have a sneak peak on Unity exhibition.

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