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Monumental sculpture ‘Lucie’ by David Mesguich in Poznan

February 12, 2017
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French artist David Mesguich has been pushing the boundaries between street art and fine art by creating monumental geometric sculptures that he puts within urban settings. For his most recent project, the artist created a ten meters high sculpture called ‘Lucie’ representing a little girl drawing a sun in the sky that has been installed in Poznan, Poland.

Check more details and pictures of the work in progress after the jump.

David Mesguich explains: “Early in 2016, I have been contacted by gallery 208 to create a monumental sculpture in Poznan public space, Poland. The imposed planning was really tight, only 5 months to draw and realize a 10 meters high and 5 tons sculpture. To imagine this sculpture I thought of my daughter, and through her to the children who would grow up here and cross the monument every day, I wanted to make a positive work that a 4 years old child would understand and who in substance will tell him: look, you can draw your own world.
This sculpture portrait of my 4 years old daughter Lucie is my way to show her what she represents to me and also something I hope that will bring some sun to Poznan kids.”

Lucie in front of her portrait


Pictures courtesy of the artist

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