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100TAUR Massive Mural in Toulouse

February 13, 2018
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French artist 100TAUR just completed the largest mural in Toulouse, after a continuous five weeks under extreme weather conditions. More details and pictures after the jump.

Located in the district of Minimes, the 400 sq meters mural has been commissioned by the Mairie de Toulouse, visible at the rue des Anges.

The mural features strange creatures and hybrid monsters, mythological references, and popular imagery, sometimes borrowed from pop-culture like Sponge Bob or Popeye but also from illustrious painters like Jheronimus Bosch and Picasso.

The artist ‘s signature animal, the slug, symbol of resilience, plays also a big part in the narration with multiple appearances. The painted wall is also adorned with 3D elements giving it more dimensions.

The official opening celebrating the mural will take place on 13 February at 4.30pm. So come join and celebrate.

Text by Butterfly
Photo credit: 100TAUR, Butterfly Art News, Level Up Film

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