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BLO – “Anywhere, Out Of This Mind”

June 12, 2018
1 min read
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Da Mental Vaporz artist, BLO, extends an invitation into the subconscious world. A variation from a poem by Baudelaire, “Anywhere Out Of This World”,  his solo exhibition in Paris at Galerie 42B is entitled “Anywhere, Out Of This Mind”.
As he explains, “The main direction of creation was to go back to figurative and fragment/destroy it with abstraction,

I took 5 months to produce the show, experiment fragmented compositions involving figurative & abstract textures, The energic abstract brushstrokes imitate tag gestures.”

“Iconographic references come from photography and textures I have sampled in the urban environment, as wall textures and scratched posters, and so destroyed and recomposed as the same way as surrealist collages. The work features a series of oniric painted assemblages mixing grayscale abstract shapes and surrealist female portraits. The figurative intertwines with the abstraction of lines and textures. Playing focus and blur, light and shadows, it tries to create a dialogue between representation and subconscious.”

“The cut out paintings bring our focus on hands, legs, a mouth while the woman’s face remains blurred, as to transport us into a nostalgic and dreamlike world.”

Photo credit:  Eli Cornejo.

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