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“Le Gang Des Potelets” by Benjamin Malick in Paris, France

April 14, 2022
1 min read
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Multi-disciplinary artist Benjamin Malick shares his project “Le Gang Des Potelets” in Paris, France. Le Gang Des Potelets is a street art concept, aiming to symbolise the society through the embodiment of Parisian poles.

Benjamin gives life to his characters thanks to different technics such as scultpure, mosaic, pochoir, etc. Each piece represents different aspect of the man / woman in our society : desire, passion, history, economic and social level, culture, origins, and more.

All these figures form a clan, a gang — le Gang des Potelets (The Gang of Bollards).

Benjamin Malick is based between Paris, Libreville and Dubai. Born in France to French-Algerian parents, he grew up in Gabon (Africa). Enhanced by his multi-cultural upbringing, he developed a strong passion and curiosity for travels, adventures and social & environmental causes which today inspire most of his artistic work.

Using a multi-disciplinary approach, he revisits cultures & traditions and combines his documentary-style photography with sculptures, street art & collage techniques. With a surreal and dreamlike touch, Benjamin Malick aims to uncover social and cultural differences; at times decrypting known stereotypes and highlighting unknown realities.

Take a look below for more photos of this project.

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