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“Juvenile Souvenirs” by Evoca1 in Gainesville, Florida

December 3, 2015
1 min read
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Evoca1 n 352 walls Gainesville_5

Our buddy Evoca1 was also in Gainesville for the recent 352 Walls Street Art Festival which took place just a few days ago in sunny Florida.
After a few days of work, Evoca wrapped up this large-scale piece which is entitled “Juvenile Souvenirs”. Painted using Acrylic paint and brushes, it took approximately a week for him to complete this beautiful piece of work.

There’s no use in hiding, no reason to hold on, We most learn to release the things that are detrimental to our growth and prevent us from moving on.

Evoca1 has been making art his whole life without any formal art school training, teaching himself how to paint with oil, acrylic, latex and spray paint. He is currently living and working out of Miami, Florida, where he continues to develop his craft.

Evoca1 n 352 walls Gainesville_2 Evoca1 n 352 walls Gainesville_1 Evoca1 n 352 walls Gainesville_9 Evoca1 n 352 walls Gainesville_6 Evoca1 n 352 walls Gainesville_7 Evoca1 n 352 walls Gainesville_3 Evoca1 n 352 walls Gainesville_4 Evoca1 n 352 walls Gainesville_8

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