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A Wall For Peace in Jerusalem by Zosen

March 26, 2020
2 min read
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Last February, Barcelona-based artist Zosen was invited to paint in Jerusalem.  The mural is located in a public market in the industrial neighborhood of Talpiot.

Despite their playful aesthetic, Zosen’s paintings are known to speak out against the social injustices he perceives. The multi-colored, two dimensional characters, though naive at a first glance, criticize the corruption of today’s society.

Here’s what the artist said in his experience while painting one of the biggest murals in Jerusalem, Israel.

It was a challenge and a responsibility to paint my first mural in Jerusalem with all the preconceived ideas and prejudices that normally are with the politics and militar industry from this country. Speaking with local people, I discovered that young generations are tired of this historic problems. During the time I was there, the government was organizing the third election for prime minister in one year, because nobody on the political scene seems to represent the interests of all the different kind of people who lives in Israel today.

I decided to paint a wall for peace, for a future without borders, without prejudices, without paranoia, just with freedom and love. Is time to think global, our home is the earth and we need to share with the others, dont be egoistic, remember the history to dont repeat the same mistakes. One world, One love!

Take a look at more images below and keep your eyes peeled on Street Art News for the latest updates on the urban art scene worldwide.

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