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Street Art by 15-year-old Rowan Briggs Smith in Response to Coronavirus

April 29, 2020
1 min read
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15-year-old Rowan Briggs Smith from England has adapted the famous Kitchener ‘Britain Needs You’ wartime poster as her response to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Using chalk as a medium, she drew two images which meet each other on the zebra crossing in front of the main building, one representing the school and the other the pupils with the message ‘Missing You’. She worked on the project on Sunday morning and the artwork was clearly visible when the small number of staff and students arrived on Monday.

“I know my friends are missing being at school, and that the teachers are missing us too. I wanted to use my art as a voice to acknowledge that, and using the crossing at school felt like the perfect place to make an artwork.” Rowan said.

Scroll below to see more images of the street art.

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