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Felipe Pantone “Subtractive Variability Manipulable 3” Configurable Art

May 20, 2020
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Felipe Pantone is releasing a brand new limited edition configurable art this May 26. The kinetic sculpture Substractive Variability Manipulable 3 is the symbiosis of both theory of color and the search of the oeuvre’s manipulable essence, namely, the viewer’s intervention in the final artwork. Being these, the two major paths of Pantone’s investigation at the moment.

Felipe Pantone’s artwork is not based on color, on the contrary, it is driven to explore color in its pure essence; to be color itself. By consistently touring every nook of subtractive colors and their behavior when affected by dynamism, Pantone creates this sculpture, which emerges as the delicate and balanced playground of subtractive variability and transformation and which he exposes to the mercy of the viewer’s intervention.

“Subtractive Variability Manipulable 3” is an edition of 50. It measures 21.5 x 50.0 x 7.2 cm and is made up of UV paint, PMMA, MDF, and linear slide bearings. It is priced at € 2066(excluding EU VAT) + shipping. You can contact [email protected]  for more information about the piece.

Check down below for more photos of the kinetic sculpture.

Felipe Pantone “Subtractive Variability Manipulable 3” Configurable Art

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