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Pilpeled in Istanbul, Turkey

September 28, 2020
1 min read
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Street artist Pilpiled recently worked on a new mural in Istanbul, Turkey as a part of his solo exhibition at Black Flag Art Gallery. The mural features one of his “owl eyed” children of 15 x 15 metres on a building in Kadıköy streets, a hip neighbourhood hosting many other murals.
Pilpeled has become one of the most unique and identifiable forces in the Israeli Urban art and design scene. In recent years, Pilpeled’s bold and graphic work has shifted from bright and colorful to a bold and monochromatic style, and appears in the form of prints, murals and sculptures. His designs and artworks can be found on walls and canvases around the world, at museums and exhibitions.

Check out below to see more images of the artwork.

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